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Who Was That Masked Man???

 104   85

The Lakers kept alive the longest win streak of one team vs another in the NBA tonight in a 104-85 easy victory over the T-Wolves. Like a veteran pitcher on the mound with a full five days rest, the Lakers were ready and recharged to take on a Minnesota team that hasn’t seen a ‘W’ against the Lakeshow since March of 2007.

Let’s be honest, the Lakers play much better with rest…MUCH better

Oh yeah, the T-Wolves play worse without K. Love. The whole team played with that energy and fire that seams to only come when they have unusually long periods of rest.

It was fine. You start sweating immediately inside it. I felt like I had a sauna on my face, like I was drinking my own sweat.” Bryant added that he didn’t take the mask off because his broken nose remains too tender.

(Source: Mike Trudell)

A masked Kobe came out swinging with a quick 10 points in the 1st quarter. Still the league leader in scoring, Kobe would end with 31 points, 8 assists and 7 rebounds showing no signs that his nose was an issue. The Lakers actually ran the floor getting a total of 16 fast break points along with some monster lobs for Bynum.

Pau was rewarded for his hustle down the court, but why does he finish as if he’s a 6 foot guard, instead of the 7 foot POWER forward he IS?

Hey Pau, you don’t need to head fake Ricky Rubio during a fast break. Remember, you’re 7 feet tall!! Go up strong with TWO hands and make the basket. I know you can do it, I’ve seen it before.

And-one please

Ok, I’ll stop picking on Pau. Speaking of strong two hands, Bynum got his 22nd Double-Double of the year with a solid performance on both ends of the floor. Pau had 15 points and 3 blocks and was probably thankful he didn’t have to deal with K. Love all night.

World Peace scored 3 points above his season average (about 5 PPG), but with an average that’s lower than his low-top sneakers – I’d still love to see him double what he did tonight. MWP did have some great assists, 5 in total.

The Bench for the Lakers had a good showing tonight as well. Barnes was energetic and productive, Blake hit two 3-pts shots and Murphy was solid all game with 7 points and 6 rebounds.

The Lakers played a good game of hustle defense getting blocked shots and a few steals, and while the T-Wolves never led in the game they were within striking distance in the 2nd quarter. The T-Wolves just didn’t have a go-to guy without K. Love in the lineup.

Overall a solid night for the Lakers but let’s remember a few things:

  • It’s easer to beat teams when their SuperStars don’t play
  • They won’t get five days rest again…possibly until playoffs
  • They still need a productive point guard


  1. Andy Starr says:

    Solid analysis homie.

    I think this just reinforces the fact that we need to turn our attention away from Dwight Howard and onto Derron Williams or Kyle Lowry. 8 assists for Kobe is cool, but he shouldn’t be in the facilitator position. The dude should be on the receiving end of some delicious dimes.