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Not Exactly Firing On All Pistons

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The Lakers Length Is Their Strength

Andrew Bynum was killing the Pistons. He had 30 points on 13 of 18 shooting and 14 boards. Gasol scored 20 on 8-14 from the floor. It’s extremely difficult for any team in the league to match up with two 7-footers, and when LA exposes that weakness in their opponents they win. But true to form this year, the Lakeshow turns into a mere shadow of their homecourt hero selves when they go on the road. Instead of watching Bynum crush them down low and score 50 (because obviously they couldn’t stop him) they dabbled in failed long-range jumpers.

But why keep doing what’s working for you? No, instead why not just force it?

Who’s Idiot Idea Was It To Change Masks?!?!

Kobe started the game with a new black mask. He also started the game shooting 1-6, ugh. Eventually he switched back to the clear mask, but the damage was done. There must have been some bad voodoo in that black mask because Kobe couldn’t throw a pea in the ocean. With the exception of his buzzer beater to put the game into overtime this was a game that I’d like to forget. His last few shots in overtime we’re weird, off-balance, rushed, and dumb. It made no sense.

Coach Fail

I’m just reading what the defense is doing. I know when I get the ball off a miss, my mindset is to push it as fast as I can while the defense is not set. That allows me to get to the basket and get fouled or something like that.

— Rodney Stuckey

When teams don’t make corrections throughout a game it’s usually the coach’s fault. Mike Brown allowed RODNEY STUCKEY to score 34 points! What the CRAP is that all about? You hold Lebron James to 25 and let friggin’ Rodney Stuckey light you up for 34? You have got to recognize that there’s only one guy who’s doing anything on the other team, and stop him. Between that and not demanding that the ball go in to Bynum more, coach Brown blew it tonight. In his postgame interview he was asked why LA was so terrible on the road, he simply said “I don’t know.” Really dude? You don’t know? Uhhh…this is Los Angeles. These are the 16-time World Champion Lakers. You need to figure that out real quick, homie. The Pistons shot 39% and you lost.

More Like A Park Bench

Pathetic output from the Lakers bench. Detroit’s bench outscored them 32-7. That’s the difference boys, that’s the difference. In postgame analysis James Worthy of KCAL 9 was so furious with the poor play of the Lakers he couldn’t even speak. Literally. They cut the Lakers Live postgame report short and he stared at the camera saying “I have nothing to say. This team won’t make the playoffs.”

If the Lakeshow will have any significant success this year they will have to win on the road. The Jekyll and Hyde versions of the Lakers that show up at home and the road is weird. Until they match the energy and cohesiveness they display at home, their road record will keep them from success this year. Better figure it out soon Mike Brown, ‘cuz LA ain’ t a forgiving town. We like championships, that’s why we have 16 of them. Even Cleveland wasn’t ok with losing in the playoffs…


  1. Rmccraw says:

    The loss to the Pistons shows why Laker management should not be lulled by a victory over the Heat into believing that this group is enough — it simply isn’t. This group is still to fragile — like a Swiss watch with a screw loose. If the planets line up, if Kobe is Superman, if MWP is really Ron Artest, if Barnes, if Blake, if Gasol… it’s fatiguing. If it looks like it needs a point guard and it plays like it needs… Just get a point guard — a fast one. 

    1. Andy Starr says:

      It’s painful. The problems run deep. From Kobe, to Brown, to Mitch, to Buss. My fear is that the legacy of the Purple and Gold is at steak. We heard Magic say it last year when Bynum fouled Barea – this isn’t the same Laker franchise as years past.