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Metta World Peace Reminds Me A Lot of Ron Artest

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In Sunday’s game, Metta World Peace was the difference factor that resulted in a Laker win.

I’m going to answer this as honest as I can, but I’m one of the best defensive players ever.” — Metta World Peace
He held Lebron to just 25 points (but it took him 26 shots), bumping him off balance and keeping him out of his rhythm. Combine that with a surprise 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 steals it was the Ron Artest of old – the man we’ve been missing! I’ve wondered recently if Los Angeles was too much of a distraction for Ron-Ron. Some guys have a tough time adjusting to Hollywood, and it can affect their game (ahem, Khloe & Lamar).

Don’t get me wrong, I actually thought his hit single “Champions” was pretty solid – though I wonder if he had a backup version ready in case the Lakeshow hadn’t defeated the Celtics in the finals in 2010. Hmm…”Make way for the Runner’s Up” just isn’t quite the same. MWP delivering this kind of game shows just how important that position is to the Lakers.

“Got To Admit It’s Getting Better”

The Lakeshow intensity was there. People at the game said it had a “playoff atmosphere”. Dwayne Wade got boo’d every time he touched the ball, and a standing ovation when he fouled out. For me, I thought it was a great win – though somewhat bittersweet. The Heat were without Chris Bosh and he’s a significant piece of the puzzle for them.

Is Pau Gasol Gonna Have To Choke A…?!

In the 3rd quarter there was a tussle under the basket where Lebron ended up pushing Troy Murphy. Right away the true enforcer of the Lakeshow jumped in. Just the man you expected to regulate if someone starts messing with his teammates – Ron Arte…wait, I mean Pau Gasol. First man in the fray with some choice words for the King was the spicy Spaniard. Yes, yes, yes, MWP made his way into the mess as well. But it was great to see the fire in Pau’s eyes and intensity. Again, it had that playoff feel to it.


A mere 33 points (including 18 in the 1st quarter). It’s a bit of a joke now, the Mamba loves adversity, and since he has no rivals he’s got to look elsewhere for his battles. There’s no timetable for when the mask will be retired, but maybe that’s a good thing? Maybe it’s pressing on some part of his brain that’s activating offensive efficiency? If that’s the case can we get some of those installed in a few other Laker players?

I leave you with video of Metta explaining just how good his defense is…