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What Would You Say Ya DO Here, Mike?

Statement: Mike Brown prides himself on being a defensive coach
Fact: The Lakers rank in the bottom-third of the league in field-goal attempts allowed at the rim (20th among 30 NBA teams, according to’s stat tool), free-throw attempts allowed (23rd) and average points allowed per 100 possessions (23rd), continue to struggle defending ball-handlers in the pick-and-roll game (26th in points-per-possession allowed on that play type, according to Synergy Sports Technology) and consistently get beat down the floor (27th in PPP allowed in transition).

Statement: Mike Brown thinks the Princeton offense will solve their problems.
Fact: Only two Lakers are hitting better than 43 percent of their shots, Kobe (56 percent), and Dwight Howard (67.8 percent) — which means that everybody else, including Pau (41.8 percent), the disappointing Antawn Jamison (42.9 percent) and Metta World Peace (39.1 percent) are putting up high school (let alone college) numbers. Turnovers are up around 20 percent of their offensive possessions, worst in the NBA, and they give up 22 points per game off turnovers, second-worst in the league.

So as “the Bobs” said in Office Space, “What would you say ya’ DO here, Mike?”

That look was for Mike Brown…if Kobe ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy.