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No Kobe, No Problem. No Pau, No Problem. No Hill, No Problem…[Video]

You have to win the games you’re supposed to win.



Right now the Lakers are doing that – and they’re doing it without the help of Kobe Bryant (ankle, flu), Pau Gasol (foot), and Jordan Hill (hip). It’s been a frustrating year, injuries have just piled on for the purple and gold, turning what was should have been a dream season into a nightmare.

Each time I get frustrated with how LA is playing I have to remind myself, “This isn’t a full roster and hasn’t been all year long”.

But momentum is a crazy thing and the Lakers are pointed in the right direction. Despite all of the setbacks LA is 14-3 since the all-star break; which is nuts considering they were teetering on the verge of the worst record in the Western Conference at one point. It’s not all sunshine and roses, after all they are in the #8 spot (.5 games behind Houston and 2 games behind the Warriors) – that means if the playoffs started tomorrow they’d be up against either the Spurs (likely) or the Thunder. Ugh…

I haven’t given up hope for a deep playoff run, but even if LA hurdles Houston and Golden State for the #6 spot they’ll be facing that other team from LA. You know, the ones who dominate the SportCenter highlight reel? The thought of playing against the Clippers (who realistically have the deepest bench in the NBA)…well, it sucks. Youth and speed are two things the Lakers don’t have going for them, and they just happen to be exactly what the Clippers do best.

We need our dudes back healthy to make the playoffs respectable. So Kobe, rest up, elevate the foot, drink some tea. Gasol, try some Dr. Schol’s orthodic inserts. Hill…concentrate on growing out the dreadlocks while you recover from surgery (by the way, doctors say he may be back as soon as April). Then maybe we can see more of this: