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“Who’s THAT guy???”

That’s what my wife has said each of the past games that featured the 6’10” power forward surprising everyone. It’s not her fault, Laker fans everywhere are saying the same thing about Earl Clark.

With Jordan Hill being pronounced “gone” for the rest of the season with hip surgery (seriously, has anyone even heard of a “labrum” until the game where both Dwight and Hill both injure their respective labrums?) I found new depths to my personal despair for this season.

Then Earl Clark comes in, riding on a unicorn, with golden rays of sunshine pouring out of his fingertips.

Over the past 4 games (Houston, San Antonio, OKC, and Cleveland) Earlsanity did this:

  • 58 points
  • 41 rebounds
  • 9 blocks
  • 14 assists
  • 1 steal

In a year that’s been tragically disappointing for Laker fans you’ve got to look for the little things to keep you from cancelling cable and only occasionally glancing at box scores while scouring eBay for old Rambis jerseys. I don’t think Earl Clark is the only key to the Lakers turning every thing around and winning 35 more games, but if he’s just a fluke and someone reminds him that he’s playing out of his mind (averaging a double-double) then there’s little-to-no chance for them to even make the playoffs.

That’s how important his contribution is. He’s the energy guy the Lakers desperately need, and combined with length he’s an excellent combo with Howard.

The Lakers have almost zero margin for error right now.

Pau Gasol’s production has been pedestrian so far. He’s not the 2009/2010 Pau – tendinitis and plantar fasciitis ain’t no joke. Know what else ain’t no joke?…the fact that Gasol just isn’t a stretch-4 no matter how much D’antoni wants him to be. Pau’s strength is back to the rim, down low, making post moves. But since D’antoni has decided that only Howard gets to live down there, we have a bit of a conundrum.

Gasol’s last 3 games:

  • 24 points
  • 18 rebounds
  • 5 blocks
  • 9 assists
  • 0 steals

In last night’s post-game interview D’antoni was asked if Clark would continue to start when Pau came back from his recent concussion. He basically said that Pau off the bench was a real option because Clark has and continues to earn that starting spot. So now imagine Pau coming in for Dwight on rotations, and Jamison for Clark. Not bad – I think it might actually work. However, it starts getting dicey when you try to figure out who to you bring in to cover for Metta.

Robert Sacre may be a sweet dude, but he drops the ball whenever someone nearby sneezes.

Milwaukee is next, this should be another good chance for Earl Clark to solidify is spot on the roster. I hope he pre-ordered a new case of pixie dust on Amazon so he can keep doing what he’s doing – energy, hustle, and that newly quaffed chin-strap beard.