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5 Reasons The Lakers Will Be Unstoppable

There’s been a lot of speculation about how the newly upgraded Lakeshow will perform. Here are 5 reasons I think they’ll crush the competition:


1. Steve Nash controlling the offense like a boss

This is the first time since Magic (er, Payton) that we’ve seen an elite point guard for the Lakers. My biggest frustration with Kobe last year was that hetried to do too much. He lost games because he became the Black Hole. Nash will dictate the flow, and he’ll involve Howard and Gasol. The NBA is all about point guard driven offense and Nash will pick and roll the league to death.

2. Better players play better with better players

Amanaplanacanalpanama. No I wasn’t attempting a palindrome there. When there are more threats on the floor it spreads the defense. You cant just triple team Kobe, because there are 3 other dudes who should also be triple teamed. So other teams are forced to play straight up. This allows a guard like Nash to expose mismatches and when the defense collapses to help out it means that somebody is wide open…every damn time. When superstars aren’t forced to carry 100% of the load they play better ( Shaq and Kobe, Magic and Kareem). Everyone stays healthier because they aren’t expending as much energy.

3. Bench cleanup on aisle 9

The glaring weakness in the Laker bench last year? Offense. It was a shock if they ever out scored the other team’s bench. Antwan Jamison and Jodie Meeks on paper look to be an improvement. I’m holding my breath until we see them in action, but their numbers from last year look promising. Meeks adds some much needed perimeter shooting, an area the Lakers were weak in last year. Jamison has a solid all around game and I expect him to be the 6th man off the bench.

4. Princeton offense (“My boy is wicked smaht”)

The Lakers had a habit last year of starting games with great energy, crisp passes, cuts to the basket, and easy buckets. The ball was evenly distributed and all of that movement made it tough for the defense to lock in on one guy. Then, at some point in the 3rd quarter the Lakers would forget about how successful that was and fall back into one-on-one isolation (usually resulting in Kobe taking ill-advised fadeaway 20 footers).

With the Princeton offense (properly described here) movement and adjustments are the key. There are lots of screen and roll situations, lots of opportunities to reverse direction, and it keeps the defense guessing. I ran this offense in high school, and it got us to the State Championship.

5. Hunger

Remember that song by Temple of the Dog?

Dwight Howard and Steve Nash ultimately came to Los Angeles for one reason – to win a championship. They are hungry for a ring, and everyone knows that the city of LA expects championships. Stepping into a positive situation like this is energizing for everyone involved – from the players to the fans. Because Howard and Nash are such key pieces of the puzzle their energy will propel the Lakeshow into their 17th World Championship. Yes, I’m calling it right here. The Lakers will beat the Miami Heat in 7 games in the Finals in 2013. Better on offense, better on defense, the Lakeshow has the edge on Miami.