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Andy Starr

Founder / Orange County, CA / Click for articles by Andy

I’ve been a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers since I was fillin’ up diapers.

I grew up with a life-size Magic Johnson “Measure Up” poster in my room, had an authentic Michael Cooper jersey, and cried when those bastard Celtics beat LA in the finals. For 30 years I’ve followed the Lakers closely and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Fairweather fans take note, this probably ain’t the place for you.

LetsGoLakeshow is an outlet to talk all things Lakers (and NBA). We cover game analysis, discuss trade rumors, and try to give insight on the latest from the purple and gold. Your comments are always welcome (unless you wear a green jersey) and I hope you enjoy the site!

Screw you, Boston – Go LET’S GO LAKESHOW!!

Tyler Gibbs

Contributing Writer / Seattle, WA / Click for articles by Tyler

Tyler is a longtime Lakeshow fan and part time contributor to

Dan Bailey

League Writer / San Diego, CA / Click for articles by Dan

I grew up a Laker fan. Born in 1981, some of my earliest memories are watching lakers playoff games with my dad. The loss to Houston in the western finals in 1986 was devastating to then five year old me. The wins in 87 and 88 were joyful occasions. By 4th grade, when they lost to the Bulls in 91 and Magic’s subsequent retirement months later, I started looking outside of the Lakers for basketball fulfillment. They’ve always remained dear to me but League Pass is a fatal mistress.

My job on is to write about things going on around the league.

Erick C

Contributing Writer / Los Angeles, CA / Click for articles by Erick

Erick lives in Los Angeles, eats, sleeps, and breathes Lakers. He’s a part time contributor to